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How To Clean Your Bedroom!

May 15, 2013

It is the middle of May and according to that means it is the annual holiday that every kid dreads…Clean up Your Room Day! Who am I kidding, adults dread it too!

If “Messy” is too nice of an adjective to describe the conditions of your child’s (or your) room then you are going to want push your pile of mess to the side and find a comfy spot to take notes because we are going on a cleaning adventure.

Before We Start…

Music Helps

Anytime I have to tackle cleaning an entire room I put on Pandora and go to town. Singing along to my favorite songs always seems to pass the time and keeps me in a good mood. So before you take one step further, find a good station and pump up the volume.

Get Some Fresh Air

This isn’t going to make your room any cleaner but open up your windows and get some fresh air in your room as you clean. Let the natural light in and the stagnant air out.

Ok now it’s time to get down to business…

Make Your Bed

Strip down your bed, put on a fresh pair of sheets, and remake the bed. A freshly made bed makes a huge difference as it is often the focal point of a bedroom. Now you can use this space to fold clothes from that laundry basket that has been waiting for your attention in the corner…you know the one 😉

Next, Focus on Clothing

closet How To Clean Your Bedroom

If your house is anything like mine then clothing is a major culprit of disorganization and general frustration and if you are anything like me more clothes come in then go out. OK, I’ll just say it, I may have a minor shopping problem.

Changing clothes out seasonally is key as it frees up a ton of valuable closet and drawer space. Spring is here which means boots and bulky sweaters have to go. Buy a few Rubbermaid containers and pack fall and winter clothes away. If you are lucky enough to live in warmer climate then you can obviously skip this step.

The next step is a tough one but it is a must. Take out every single item from your closet and dresser that is folded or on a hanger and throw in all on the bed. The sight of this will be pure pain but I promise once you are done it will be totally worth it.

Make a keep, throw out, and donate pile. If you haven’t worn something in a year get rid of it. Oh..and if you are holding onto those skinny jeans that are two sizes too small that you just know you are going to fit into one day…get rid of them too. They are just taking up space and I promise you can buy the same size in an even newer style once you fit back into this size again.

Once you finish your keep pile, hang and fold what’s left. Let out a huge breath because your closet and drawers just got a little more fabulous.

Time to Give Your Nightstand Attention

At any given point in the week I can guarantee there will be at least two half full (notice I didn’t say empty because I am an optimist) water bottles on my nightstand. Other common items are my iPad, jewelry and change. A nightstand can be a common space for clutter and it is important to focus on minimalism and simplicity. A couple picture frames, a lamp and very few other things really belong there. Take some time to pick a few items and find a home for whatever else you find there. Don’t forget to dust!

dustbunny How To Clean Your Bedroom Get Dirty!

This is arguably the worst part but it is essential. Pull out your cleaning supplies and get to work. Windex your windows, dust your blinds and vacuum/sweep your floors. I know it can be tempting to vacuum AROUND the furniture but do your best to get all the dusty bunnies that are hiding in difficult to reach spaces.

OK that is enough for one day. Congratulations you have successfully cleaned and organized your room. Now try to keep it that way so next year on May 10th you can be outside enjoying the fresh smell of Spring instead of spending your afternoon cleaning your room!

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