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Here’s to summer!

June 29, 2012

In what has been a surprisingly chilly June by usual standards, the temperatures here in the Northeast are inching ever so closely to the hundred degree mark starting today. Yes my friends, summer is officially here!

Admit it, since you were a kid there’s always been something extra special about summer that made you grin from ear to ear with excitement and utter anticipation. Chances are the thought of warm weather, longer days and the sound of the ice cream truck circling through your neighborhood probably still make you and your friends smile as widely as the ten year old you. Need proof? Go scan through your Facebook newsfeed and see how many posts you see from friends about the Summer Solstice. It’s only 11:43 AM here on the East Coast and here are just a few of the posts I see already:

June 20th – Officially the first day of summer!!

Happy 1st day of summer everyone…hello, 97 degrees!

Can’t wait for our Summer Solstice party tonight!

First day of Summer, last day of school, Not a bad day!

Welcome Summer! Please make yourself at home and feel free to stay as long as you like, you are more than welcome here! 🙂   (We couldn’t agree more!)

As our friends celebrate on Facebook, we at Coldwell Banker are too! Check out our Facebook page later to see our homage to summer with our new cover photo.

Besides our love of great weather, I think we love summer because it reminds us of the best parts of our childhood and communities. More than any other season, owning a home in a fun and lively neighborhood seems to pay off most during summertime. From having a town pool kids could have cannonball competitions in, to spacious streets where you can play hide and go seek until the streetlights come on, the value of a home is also especially tied to your community and the people in them this time of year.

Some of my fondest memories of summer as a child go hand in hand with my neighborhood. I remember running to Liberty State Park with my best friends and exploring the huge park with the seriousness of a seasoned archeological explorer and making all sorts of discoveries. When the sun went down, the music of the Mister Softee truck would reverberate through my neighborhood and all the kids would rush down to the corner of the street like Olympians to savor some of the best ice cream known to man.

Here’s to summer and to all of the fun and beautiful memories we make with family and friends in our communities each summer. What are some of your favorite memories of summer?!

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*Photo Courtesy of: Mish Mish
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