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Here’s to Innovation…

April 9, 2012

Weren’t we all supposed to be flying cars to work (sure would make my commute better!) and hanging out on the moon by 2012? While technology hasn’t caught up to science fiction in that regard, we do know that writers of Sci-Fi movies like Minority Report and 2001: A Space Odyssey got a lot of things right. Everything from video conferencing to “gesture based computing” and personalized ad serving are “imagined” things we saw in movies that a lot of us use in our everyday lives.

At Coldwell Banker we’ve undeniably been at the technological forefront since our early beginnings, trying new (and sometimes crazy) things like staging the world’s first virtual open house on Second Life and experimenting with a touch screen coffee table app that eventually lead to the release of our iPad application last year.  From creating the first national real estate website, to developing mobile websites and apps, we’ve always been about creating innovative tools that make the home buying process easier and more enjoyable for consumers.

Yet, as Will Smith’s character in I, Robot would attest to, technology is nothing without people…and Innovation is more than just technology. At Coldwell Banker we’ve got some of the industry’s best professionals helping all kinds of people; from Hollywood A-Listers to twenty-somethings trying to scratch their way into a starter home. Each and every day you’ll find tens of thousands of Coldwell Banker professionals innovating and working hard to help their customers achieve the dream of home ownership.

So it’s in this spirit that the latest ad in our 2012 Television campaign hits the airwaves today. We’re calling this newest spot “Innovation” and it’s all about how our tools can help make looking for home a wonderful experience from in-market homebuyers to aspirational dreamers looking at neighborhoods and homes they’re working hard to get to eventually. The 30 second spot, that will drive consumers to, is voiced once again by Emmy winning actor Tom Selleck and goes a little something like this:

Owning a home is a wonderful experience.

… and we think looking for one should be, too.

That’s why Coldwell Banker provides the most remarkable tools in real estate.

Tools that let you browse homes, explore neighborhoods … see agents …

And get information instantly and anywhere.

So whether you’re ready to buy or just ready to dream…

The place to come is to Coldwell.

In celebration of the debut of the “Innovation” spot, we’ve released an updated iPad application that now includes IDX integration which allows users to look at almost any home in their local MLS, not just Coldwell Banker listings. Be sure to keep an eye out for our new TV commercials and while you’re at it pop on over to to learn a little more about our mobile platform. (In the meantime, we’re working on the whole flying to work and relaxing on the moon part.

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